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Hotel Encoder for LAVNA Hotel Lock

Hotel Encoder for LAVNA Hotel Lock

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This Hotel Encoder is used to link your hotel software with your LAVNA LH400 locks.

To configure your cards you need to place them on the encoder device and configure them through hotel software.

Hotel software comes free of cost with the encoder device.

This would provide you utmost convenience, by sitting at the reception only you can generate your card keys and allot the cards to guests as per their stay duration.

With the help of this device and software your hotel management would become very easy, through your software only you can check if the room is occupied or vacant.


Model Encoder
Dimensions 70 x 70 x 26mm
Power Interface Type-C USB
Power Input 5V/500mA
Radio Frequency 13.56Mhz
Box contents

Encoder Device

3 Construction card

TypeC USB Cable

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