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L-E50 Smart Door Lock

L-E50 Smart Door Lock

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Meet the 6 in 1 electronic door Lock for your metal doors from LAVNA Locks, which you can access from your Fingerprint, PIN, RFID card, OTP unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking and Manual Key.

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  • Fingerprint sensor

    Up to 100 fingerprints can be registered with an unlocking speed of only 0.4 seconds.

  • Mobile App

    Operates through Mobile App. Add/Del. any user, Check unlocking records, Bluetooth unlocking.

  • OTP

    OTP can be generated from anywhere. Share with your guest for one-time entrance in your absence.

  • PIN

    Up to 100 PINs can be registered with a user-friendly touch keypad

  • Special RFID Card

    Up to 100 RFID cards can be registered in this lock, specially designed for this lock only.

  • Remote

    Can also be opened from the Remote, you don’t have to get up from your place to open the door.

Smart Electronic Door Lock to change complete Family Member unlocking experience

Lock specially designed for Metal doors which can be connect with your normal switch and Audio Door Phone. This Fingerprint Lock makes your unlocking very easy. You can say that your finger, your key & no one can take your key. This lock will get connect to your MOBILE & you can operate your lock completely through mobile. This lock will eliminate so many things like manual locking, making multiple keys for family members, no need to carry your key when you go out and so on.

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