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LAVNA Lock Door Sensors

LAVNA Lock Door Sensors

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LAVNA Lock Door Sensors: Monitors Open & Closed Status of your door - Compatible with LA24, LA28, LA5, LE50 Smart Lock Models


Indicates whether the door is locked or unlocked

It is Integrated with the LAVNA Smart Locks Application which is available on both IOS and Android

Set your LAVNA Lock's auto-lock timer for up to 60 seconds. If your door stays open longer, the lock's built-in alarm will ring, ensuring your home is always secure.

Compatible with all types of doors. (Wooden/Glass/Metal)

1 Year complete warranty 

To use this device you must have LAVNA WiFi Gateway

NOTE: This door sensor is not compatible with old-generation lock models, open your application go to settings, and see if the door sensor option is available there. Refer to the screenshot in the product gallery also.

Model Door Sensor

41mm x 27mm x 11.5mm

41mm x 10mm x 11.5mm

Material ABS
Frequency 2.4GHz
Power CR2032
Voltage 3V
Longevity 2(years)
Stand-by current <5uA
Induction distance <22mm
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