What all you need to know before investing smart door lock?

What all you need to know before investing smart door lock?

“Survival of the fittest”- only those who are able to adapt themselves to the changing environment are able to survive in this world. With constant updates and improvement, we as human beings are also getting dependent on technology. The Internet has changed the way we used to work. Our houses are filled with modern gadgets and the latest addition to this series is smart door locks.

With the changing times, Ensuring privacy and safety of our home and our close ones is an important issue. Surveillance cameras, Smart door locks are tangible ways that solve the majority of the security concerns of people and bring them peace of mind.

However, while people seem to be too interested in the idea of buying a smart lock system of their house, they are also not sure which smart lock will work for them.

Here are few things that you should consider while investing in a smart lock -

1. Compatibility

First thing that you should check is whether your door is compatible with smart door locks or not. There are different kinds of smart door lock options available in the market that come with different options. Check which one is perfect for your door. Apart from that you also need to see that your door is thick enough to support the smart lock system. Understanding this, Lavna has created such smart locks that are compatible with every type of door- whether metallic or wooden. It supports every structure and fits with them.

2. Options and features

After finding the perfect lock for your door, the next thing you should check is the features that the company offers with their locks- Whether you want to go with Wi-Fi-enabled locks or Bluetooth ones, with or without a voice command. Does your lock support add-ons and upgrades over the internet?

3. Convenience

Apart from security, convenience is another thing why people want to invest in a smart door lock. While most of the door locks come with hassle free installation options, there are also some that require heavy tools. You can avoid investing in them. You can always ask for a demo to understand the working of smart lock and see all features you are comfortable with. You can see what all options are available to lock, unlock and open the door from both inside and outside.

4. Battery life

You really don’t want to spend your time changing batteries after every few weeks. You should prefer locks with easily accessible compartments and longer battery life. Also, it is always advisable to keep a spare battery with you to avoid any emergency situation. Smart locks have added a new convenience to life. While traditional locks also do the work, they do not seem to be efficient in these changing times that demands just more than security.

Lavna with their wide range of smart door locks offers a complete security solution to your home and other areas. With added advanced features, our locks not only upgrade your security but also makes your life convenient.

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