Reasons you need to switch to smart door locks today.

Reasons you need to switch to smart door locks today.

Technology has never failed to amaze us. It strikes you right there when you least expect it. With the dynamics of technology changing every second, we often miss appreciating several updates that have truly reinvented the way we used to perform. One of those is our security system.

Earlier, having accessible smart security devices was nothing less than owning a luxury but Lavna takes pride in producing a highly durable, trustable, and affordable series of smart door lock systems- an all-in-one system with a contemporary design for your overall security.

Strangely enough, smart door locks are one of the best results of automation improvement. They not only add a style element but also makes your life utterly comfortable as they are equipped with the latest technological updates. With all shapes and sizes to suit every need, the demand for smart locks has grown tremendously in the past few years.

If you are among the few who haven’t switched to Smart door locks, here are the reasons why you should do it now!

  • Key-free :-

With smart locks to your rescue, you never have to worry about losing your keys again. The main purpose of these smart locks is to provide you comfort and convenience. Lavna locks come with different features including smart access through google assistant/Alexa, fingerprint sensor, OTP recognition, and other personalized control features. Installed with WiFi, it allows you to lock doors from anywhere.

Apart from that, if you feel that you are not a password person who can remember another pin to open the door, don't worry. OTP system and fingerprint sensors unlock your door without any worries.

  • Track entries and exits

The changing times don’t reflect a lifestyle where you allow any stranger. Smart locks help you track who entered and exited the house. You can assign pins to your family members and avoid any unwanted entry. With WiFi systems, you can receive an alert on your smartphone as soon as someone will try to enter your house.

  • Stylish :-

Up your front door game with a lock system that not only guarantees the security of your home but also spruces up the look of your front door lock with its sleek and contemporary designs. Earlier the major concern for people regarding the smart locks was their bulky and heavy designs. However, Lavna smart door locks come with a modern design and that will fit on both wooden or metal doors.

  • Security concerns :-

Connected with smart networks, Lavna locks make sure you are notified every time enters your home. With smart door locks, there is no need to duplicate keys and risks the security of your home. You can set entry and exit time using a secured passcode, eliminating the risk.

  • Easy to use and affordable :-

Equipped with the latest updates, it is often considered that smart locks are highly expensive. Lavna locks bring you an array of fully updated and classic lock designs that fits everyone’s budget.

Who knew all you needed was a smart door lock as a solution to all your home security concerns. With our detailed guide, you can find the best suit for your needs. Upgrade your security system with a responsible choice with us.

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